Debt Settlement Guide Your Creditors Don’t Want You To Know About

You’ve been dealing with debt for years; every month your statement arrives and even though you try, the balance doesn’t come down.

I’m the founder & CEO of Total Debt Freedom, an active debt negotiation company that has saved consumers over million in unsecured debt by using a technique I’ve used for 20 years called debt settlement.

Why am I giving away these secrets? I’m tired of consumers feeling “beat up” and bullied by bill collectors. I wrote this “do-it-yourself” book for those that want to save thousands and settle their credit card debt on their own. I’m pulling back the curtain because I know that bad things can happen to good people.

Governments, corporations and banks have all had their bailout, this is yours.

This “tell all” guide is a handbook for anyone, anywhere in the world looking to settle their debt for considerably less than they owe today.

Inside this book you will learn:

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