Be Debt Free!

Pay off your credit card, medical, and other unsecured debts fast, in full, and using the least cash with this foolproof, do-it-yourself system. Reclaim the cash you’re spending on interest and watch your credit score rise as your account balances fall.


“Debt is one of the greatest causes of financial stress. Americans with too much debt deprive themselves of the opportunity to become financially secure. Debt-ridden consumers lack money for their future, their children’s education, and important life goals. Fischer’s Be Debt Free! is the ideal guide to motivate and train you to get out of debt. With his practical approach, you will learn to get rid of debt in the most efficient manner, and have the resources to build true lifetime wealth.” – Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS author of Personal Finance Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management, How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery and Invest and Beat the Pros. Her investing website, Barbara Friedberg Perso

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