Get Rid Of Your Debt And Avoid Bankruptcy

A POWERFUL GUIDE ON TO HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR DEBT AND AVOID BANKRUPTCY***Updated October 2013 to include the new HUD change on getting a FHA loan***Learn How to Get Rid of Your Credit Card and Other Debt by YourselfAre you drowning in a sea of debt because of job loss, a divorce or separation, a disability or medical problem?Whatever your circumstances or financial hardship, Attorney Jim Arnold has many years of debt settlement experience and he will show you exactly how to get rid of your debt and avoid bankruptcy using proven debt settlement techniques. He has a track record over many years of settling several million dollars in debt for individuals and businesses while at the same time teaching people how to do it themselves.This short and power packed book will give you a roadmap and step by step instructions on how to get out of debt without having to declare bankruptcy.This Book Provides You with Forms, Telephone Scripts, Letters, and Settlement Agreements to Use With Your Credi