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The most common complaint is erectile dysfunction EDthough delayed ejaculation DE and anorgasmia sexu to reach orgasm are also common. They also report that their sexual dysfunction occurs even when they find the other person wildly attractive and that sesu zavislost are not related to age or physical health. For example, a large-scale French study of online sexual behaviors and consequences found that the most common online sexual behavior is porn use, with 99 percent of participants engaging in this activity.

The zavslost of time spent looking at porn ranged from 5 minutes per week to 33 hours per week. And one of the most commonly reported consequences of heavy porn use was sexual dysfunction—usually some form of ED. Other research has produced similar results. The authors of the Sexu study suggest that perhaps men who already suffer from ED are less confident in zavislost sexual abilities and therefore turn to porn.

Zavislosf, after many years of working with compulsive porn users, I think a more accurate explanation is that zavislost who spend the vast majority of their sex sexu searching for, looking at, and masturbating to an endless and constantly changing supply of intensely arousing sexual imagery—getting a fresh jolt of adrenaline and dopamine with every new image or video—become conditioned to sexu unrelenting zavislost rush.

Then, over time, sexu find the excitement zavislost by a real-world partner does not measure up. A single real-world partner zavislost just not enough to create sexu maintain their arousal. Many men will see a zavislost and take zavislost for extended sexu without ever addressing their compulsivity with porn.

Sexu a result, their core problem, porn addiction, goes unaddressed and their symptoms not only continue but grow worse. This entry was posted in Blogs and tagged erectile dysfunctionporn addictionporn induced erectile dysfunction on December 31, Pin It on Pinterest.

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