WIN the Battle with Debt Collectors!: Feeling harassed? Get the upper hand (Simple Guides to Debt, Credit, and Wealth Book 5)

Are you sick of debt collector harassment? You don’t have to put up with it! Learn your rights, how to recognize the illegal tactics and tricks debt collectors regularly use, how best to communicate with debt collectors, and how to fight back and stop harassment.


“The Guides are easy to read. The ideas presented are sound, well thought-through, and worthwhile. Careful study of the guides can get you (or anyone) into a better spot and make you more finance-savvy.” – Curt Dederich, followed the “Your Money or Your Life” plan to retire from paid employment at 41, debt-free, then on to manage “The Sunshine Time Foundation,” and later, be a stay-at-home dad

“The Simple Guide Series is packed full of useful, helpful and simple information that anyone can understand. Before you spend hours reading through thick finance books, do yourself a favor and fly through this quick series. These guides may be short, but they’re packed with timeless in