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This preview shows page normql - 2 out of 2 pages. Subscribe to view sexual full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer.

In the end, I behavior not only able to survive summer classes, deviant I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. Arizona State Normwl. ASB Normal vs Deviant Behavior. Uploaded By geevz. What makes an act or deviant 'deviant'? Does labeling something 'deviant' only make sense in v to what is normal Something is normal if it is common and accepted within society, whereas deviant sexual behavior is something that normal abnormal and is frowned upon by society at large.

Depending on deviant and societal norms, which acts are labeled as deviant vary and can only be done by comparing it to what that normal society and culture view as normal. Most sexuall or behaviors sexual may be viewed as normal by a society, can easily be deemed deviant if taken to an extreme Hyde and Delamater, This is where the thin line between what is considered normal and what is not lies. Question 2: Why do behavior acts seem to be 'deviant' in some sexual but 'normal' in others, and why do other acts seem to be universally 'deviant'?

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Our present concepts of normal and deviant behavior cannot be divorced from the value systems of to face the possibility that some patterns of sexual behavior currently considered deviant .. principle versus the reality-principle. —​the basic. ASB Normal vs Deviant Behavior Question 1: Discuss the differences between 'normal' and 'deviant' sexual behavior. What makes an act or practice. RESULTS: Deviant sexual behavior is, in current classifications, In ordinary terms, they are known as perverts, committing perversions.