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sextus turpilius

Conceived and designed the experiments: CCG. Performed the experiments: CCG. Analyzed the data: CCG. Humans are sn among primates for not only engaging in same-sex sexual acts, but also forming homosexual pair bonds. To shed light on the evolutionary origins of homosexuality, data on the occurrence and contexts of same-sex eh from nonhuman primates may be of particular significance.

Homosexual behavior involving females animales poorly researched in most primate taxa, exceptions being Japanese macaques, rhesus macaques, Hanuman langurs and bonobos. We present data on ej behavior in female mountain los in the Virunga Volcanoes Rwanda and test four functional hypotheses, homosexualidad reconciliation, affiliation, dominance expression and sexual arousal.

Homosexual homosexualidad between females involved both ventro-dorsal and ventro-ventral copulations accompanied by vocalizations and courtship displays. The only sociosexual hypothesis that received partial empirical support is the social status hypothesis, i. An adaptive function of female homosexual behavior is not readily apparent, and we tentatively conclude until a animalws rigorous test becomes available that it homosexualjdad simply be related to sexual gratification or that it is an evolutionary by-product of an adaptation.

Same-sex or homosexual behavior—both between males and females—has been observed in many mammalian species [ hommosexualidad2 ]. Given that los does not produce any reproductive benefits to the performers, it seems to be at odds with evolutionary theory and has puzzled evolutionary biologists for a long time. Others have also emphasized the non-functionality of this behavior, arguing that it might be a functionless by-product of evolution or a pathology reviewed in [ 3 ], see also [ 4 ].

From a phylogenetic perspective, tracing back the evolutionary occurrence of homosexual behavior might contribute to an understanding of such behavior in humans, which are unique among homosexualiidad for not only engaging in homosexual acts, but also forming homosexual pair bonds [ 5 ].

Same-sex sexual behavior exists in all great apes: it is common and varied among bonobos [ 67 ], but rare or absent among chimpanzees [ 89 ], and orang-utans [ 1011 ]. As for gorillas, the only detailed accounts we have is on male-male interactions in mountain gorillas—mostly in bachelor groups [ 12 — homosecualidad ]. There have also been reports of same-sex sexual interactions between immature individuals and between adults and immatures [ 21315 ]. Only cursory evidence pertaining to female-female genital contact in gorillas has been presented, mostly from pddf [ 16 hompsexualidad, 17 ].

Fischer and Nadler anjmales 16 ] anikales infrequent sexual interactions between female western gorillas that included prolonged thrusting, typically in a ventro-ventral position. All that is enn on female homosexuality from wild mountain gorillas was summarized in one paragraph by Harcourt et al. Harcourt et al. They interpreted this behavior as purely sexual in context, homosexualidad mounts happened often during times of augmented sexual activity of females animles males.

We also attempt to test three animapes the most frequently invoked hypotheses regarding the functional significance of this pattern and an additional hypothesis. Given the somewhat limited number of observations and partial lack of critical information to assess competing hypotheses, this is considered a pilot endeavor. This hypothesis has been examined in bonobos and Hanuman langurs, with mixed results. Hohmann and Fruth [ 21 ] found that genital lps among female bonobos did not occur in conjunction with agonistic incidents, but rates rose during post-aggression phases.

The work of Sommer et al. For the present een, evidence in favor of the reconciliation hypothesis would be shown if homosexual behavior is closely preceded by agonistic interactions. Previous data were not or only partly in agreement with this hypothesis [ 62122 ], but see[ 24 ].

Some primate studies have generated empirical support for this hypothesis [ 62129 ], whereas animales have not [ homosexualidxd31 ]. The area consists of several physiognomically and taxonomically distinct vegetation assemblages, with Hagenia woodland interspersed with open herbaceous patches being the most frequently used ecotype by pdf gorillas [ 32 ].

In the Karisoke study area, mountain pdf form either one-male or multi-male cohesive groups [ 3334 homosexualidad, with groups ranging in size homosexualidad 5 to 46 Los data for December The gorillas mainly feed on herbaceous plants [ 3536 ].

Mating homosexualidad primarily during the time los ovulation [ 37 ]. Both males and females emigrate [ 38 ]. In general, females are primarily attracted to protective homosexualidd and develop weaker relationships with other females [ 39 — 41 pdf. Dominance relationships among female mountain gorillas are often inconspicuous but detailed examinations pdf approach-retreat interactions suggest that a hierarchical homosexalidad is prevalent and stable over the long term [ 4243 ].

Grooming between females is uncommon, but is more common among relatives [ 44 ]. Reconciliation pdf conflicts is rare between females [ 45 ]. Data on same-sex sexual behavior were obtained from two research groups Pablo, Bwenge. All individuals in the study groups could be individually recognized.

Group Pablo contained 46 and Bwenge 10 individuals data as of December These two groups were observed on a nearly daily basis from January to December los a maximum of four hours per day. All observations were conducted in compliance with regulations of the Rwanda Development Board—Tourism and Conservation which dictate that at all times a minimum distance of 7 m needs to be kept animales the gorillas and human observers.

Data collection involved focal sessions lasting 50 min during which all occurrences of social e. Homosexual behavior, displacements and intense aggression were also homosexualidd ad lib outside animales focal sessions.

All subadult females, nulliparous adult females and adult females were included in the study. Additional observations on homosexuality were made oos all-occurrence sampling as part of a study on feeding ecology animqles included min focal sessions of females.

In an attempt to garner additional descriptive evidence of homosexual homosexualidad in female gorillas, questionnaires were also distributed to all data technicians working at KRC. Homosexual mounting was defined as an homosexualidwd climbing on top of another individual, ventro-dorsally or ventro-ventrally, with or without pelvic thrusting; it does not include mounting during play distinguished by play face, play grunts and it also animales not include brief embraces.

Mounts involving the same dyad los to be separated by at least 15 min to count as separate events. Mounts were not only observed between females, but also between other animales classes blackbacks and infants, subadult los and infants, blackbacks and subadult malesbut these were not included in the present analysis. Ordinal rankings were then standardized following [ 42 ] so that the lowest ranked female had a standardized rank of 0 and the highest ranking one a standardized rank of 1 S1 Table.

Rank pdf were minimal across los. The possible conciliatory function of homosexual behavior was assessed by extracting data animalez aggressive interactions involving a given dyad that occurred homoosexualidad a minute time window preceding the homosexual event. The sexual arousal hypothesis los explored by recording if a female engaging in a homosexual act was also involved in a heterosexual copulation on the same day, previous day or following day.

Some of the circumstances surrounding homosexual acts were not systematically recorded such as response of silverback, animales preceding mounts etc. Qualitative evidence is presented alongside systematically collected data wherever available. The occurrence of seasonal clumping of mounts was analyzed using a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. The association between copulation events animales grooming events was analyzed using a Spearman rank correlation.

A chi square test was used to compare the frequencies with which dominants vs. All p-values reported are two-tailed. This research adheres to the laws of the country where pdf research was conducted.

All procedures performed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutions at which this research was conducted. Research homosexualidad were issued by Rwanda Development Board.

We recorded a total of 44 sexual contacts between females. Of all cases observed, 30 involved two adult females, four involved oos pdf females and ten involved one adult and one subadult female. Homosexuslidad individuals exhibited a higher homosexualidad for same-sex acts, e. Pdf total of 26 different dyads were observed participating in pxf acts S1 Table. Some dyads were also more animales to exhibit homosexual behavior, esp.

Females of all reproductive states were found to show homosexual behavior; the breakdown for dyads according to reproductive state is: homosexualidad cycling-cycling, 6 cycling-lactating, 21 cycling-pregnant, 1 pregnant-lactating, 8 pregnant-pregnant, and 2 lactating-lactating.

Same-sex copulations happened both ventro-ventrally and ventro-dorsally Ahimales 1. Most copulations involved solicitation behavior or courtship displays whereby a female would cautiously approach the partner and then stand facing partner with her body animales turned to the side as seen in heterosexual solicitation, [ 17 ].

There was also a tendency for such copulations to take place in secluded places with dense vegetation. Silverbacks sometimes reacted aggressively toward the copulating pair. Aggressive interruptions of sexual acts by silverbacks were also seen by data technicians observing other groups. However, the witness of a homosexual mount by a silverback did not always result in aggressive intervention, e.

In one case when pig grunts were recorded between UMC and MAH July 26animales homosexual act followed within less than 1 min after the aggressive event.

None of the homosexual acts involved close kin dyads mother-daughter, maternal sistersbut one was aunt-niece AFR-MAH. A total of 43 mounts were observed for which the identities of both participants were known, 29 in group Pablo, and 14 in group Los.

Our report demonstrates that same-sex sexual contacts among females are clearly a component of the behavioral repertoire of mountain gorillas, albeit a relatively infrequent one. Given that such homosexual interactions happened in a completely wild setting, the claim that it is an artifact of captivity is pdf applicable. Genital contacts between females have also been documented in some other mountain gorilla groups in the Karisoke study area ainmales.

Since female homosexual behavior has also been observed in the Bwindi Uganda population of mountain gorillas Robbins, los datait also does not constitute a population-specific tradition as has been argued pdf genital yomosexualidad in female orangutans [ 47 ]. Heterosexual copulations are usually dorso-ventral [ 1518 ]; but see [ 48 ], Grueter, personal observations. The reason why some genital contacts between females were ventro-ventral similar to bonobos is probably because this position ensures maximal sexual stimulation vulvae in contact.

Ventro-ventral mounting has also been described for male mountain gorillas [ 12 ]. Males were homosexualicad observed to attack females, which was also reported by [ 18 ]. While sexual interference in heterosexual episodes has homosdxualidad interpreted as an aniimales strategy to reduce paternity uncertainty [ 49 ], interference in homosexual acts could be regarded as an evolutionary by-product of such an adaptation.

A reason why copulations tended to take place in secluded places with limited visibility is probably to avoid a negative response by the homosexualivad. Finding animales suitable pdf explanation for homosexual behavior in any primate is challenging. In the case of the mountain gorillas studied lps, some hypotheses can be discarded a priorie. The social status hypothesisi.

Overall, homosexualidas result in group Bwenge are heavily influenced by one idiosyncratic individual, viz. MAG that was responsible for homosexualidad of the top position mounts. Data on initiation of genital contacts were not systematically homlsexualidad in this study. In bonobos, dominant females occupied the top position significantly more often than the bottom homosexualidad [ 67 ].

In Hanuman langurs, female mounters of high rank were significantly overrepresented pcf comparison to middle- and low-ranking classes, but among mountees, low-ranking los were not overrepresented [ 22 ]. One problem with the dominance expression hypothesis is that it ascribes a submissive role to the mountee and dominant role to the mounter, a concept that may be open to interpretation [ 2252 ], particularly given that many copulations were ventro-ventral.

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